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GO GO Day!
Every 5th, 15th and 25th of the month, when you order any kind of curry dish, you will receive a free topping coupon for your next visit
Go Go Curry store worldwide opens on Go Go Day!
When any store opens, all the store in the world give you one more (or two if two store open on the same day) beside the Go Go Day promotion.
May 5th (Go Go birth Day)!
Single curry will be served only $5 and you receive 5 free topping coupon! If your order number is 5, 55, 155, 255, 355,455 and 555, you will receive Go Go Curry T-shirt!
Go Go Curry Grand Opening Day!
When Go Go Curry opens, on the grand opening day, we serve our signature dish, Katsu Curry at 55 cents for first 555 customers! Yes, only 55 cents.

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